Want to know why Invisalign is so popular? 5 reasons from Archway Dental Surgery

With more adults than ever before choosing to undertake orthodontic treatment, certain braces and aligners have undoubtedly become more popular than others.invisalign-cornwall

Why? Because when it comes to orthodontics, adults have different requirements to children; any brace needs to be comfortable to wear, as well as visually discreet. It will need to offer a faster treatment time (if possible), while also being good value for money.

With such a list of demands from a simple orthodontic appliance, one could think that no such brace could ever exist. However, such an aligner has been created and is currently the most popular brace amongst adults and teenagers.

And when you decide you want to undertake this brace, come to Archway Dental Surgery. Our team has helped thousands of patients to straighten their smiles with Invisalign in Cornwall, and know all the advantages that there are to choosing this aligner.

So, why is Invisalign in Cornwall one of our most popular aligners among adults? Read on to find out!


While you may have already heard this, one of the key reasons for the success of Invisalign in Cornwall is because it is removable.

Why is this a popular feature? Because it allows you to take it out when you are eating food, giving a talk at work, or even when you are going on a date. And as it can be removed, it will not impinge on your oral hygiene.


The basis of this invisible aligner is simple; simply wear each aligner tray for around 2 weeks, switch to the next one and visit our dentist at Archway Dental every 6-8 weeks. No tightening, no additional trips to the hygienist and no fiddly wires, this brace is straightforward to use.


And, as there is no tightening associated with this brace, it is more comfortable to wear.

While there may be some initial pressure once you put this brace in, this will be short-lived, and may also occur when you switch between aligners.

But as this brace uses no metal to push on your teeth, there is no overwhelming feeling of pressure in your jaw, allowing you to undertake this orthodontic treatment without discomfort.

If you do notice any intense discomfort at any stage of wearing this brace, contact our team for a check-up!


Even children aren’t fond of wearing braces for extended periods of time and so, it is reasonable to assume adults aren’t either.

Luckily, due to the design of this invisible brace, the average treatment time ranges from between 6-9 months, meaning you won’t have to endure endless months of dental check-ups and other appointments.


Finally, the reason this brace has boomed in popularity is that, as its name suggests, it is invisible!

Made from clear plastic, it slots over your teeth and seamlessly blends in, perhaps adding an additional shimmer to your smile. It is easy to clean (run it under a lukewarm tap) and easy to remove when you need to. What’s not to like?

‘Green Dentistry’

‘Green Dentistry’

The dental industry is notorious for its large carbon footprint. We know dentistry as teeth, diagnosis, treatments dental care, but each and every practice produces unfriendly waste! Here at Archway we feel we have a role to play in helping to tackle climate change and we are actively working on and identifying ways we can help and deliver services more sustainably.

How can we do this??

  • We are identifying the areas we need to improve on.
  • We are implementing alternatives.
  • Researching and looking at ways we can improve.


Here are a few of the changes we have been working on and will continue to participate towards saving our planet….

  • Changing to Digital X-rays – not only are patients exposed to less radiation but we no longer generate chemicals, paper, lead waste.
  • We have been trying to reduce our paper waste, patient files are electronic.
  • In our waiting areas our magazines are recycled and we have reduced the volume and frequency of magazines.
  • We support the local Kicks Count Charity and have a recycling box in our waiting room and encourage patients or anyone in the community to bring in there dental waste to recycle.
  • We are actively encouraging our patients to have recall reminders via SMS and email.
  • We have just ordered re-usable metal mouthwash cups we can sterilise to get rid our biggest plastic waste!
  • Currently we are working on reducing our paper/plastic waste through our sterilisation pouches, and looking at alternative ways to do this but still be compliant.
  • Using social media to encourage our patients to recycle and participate.

“It’s all our responsibility”


Dry Mouth

Dry Mouth… We now sell ‘Bioxtra Dry Mouth Oral Gel’

Dry mouth is a condition which affects the flow of saliva causing your mouth to feel dry.

It can be caused by simply just getting older, or a side effect of the menopause. It can be a side effect of medication, or medical treatments such radiotherapy to the head and neck. And it can be caused by a medical conditions such as diabetes.

Dry mouth can cause a higher rate of decay, affect the taste of foods and making it harder to eat drier foods and furthermore can cause bad breathe and is generally uncomfortable for the patient.

We now sell Bioextra dry mouth oral gel, it is alcohol and menthol free, and mimics saliva’s natural activity and provides a normal balance of saliva in the mouth with a fresh breath.

We offer many different dental product for sale, inter-dental brushes, floss, electric toothbrushes, Blue M products, toothpastes do pop by and have a look ?

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Dry Mouth

6 Main Reasons You Need a Regular Dental Health Review

6 Main Reasons You Need A Regular Dental Health Review (Check Up)

1. For oral cancer detection.
2. To look and examine for gum disease and provide professional help with dental hygiene.
3. To check for any cavities, damaged fillings, broken teeth.
3.To offer advice on stopping smoking, incorrect brushing techniques, dietary advice and much more…
4.X-rays if necessary to diagnose problems that cannot be seen by the naked eye.
5.To check jaw opening, lymph nodes and neck area for any abnormalities.
6. To identify any unnoticed signs of larger health issues.

A dental health review (check up) is as important as any other health screening appointment so ensure you attend regularly!!

Dental Health


OK, so. Here it goes.

Hello I am Hannah and I am a registered Dental Nurse at The Archway.

I recently went on a marketing trip along with my boss (Felicity) and manager (Heidi) up to Manchester to learn how to promote Felicity’s business. I took a lot away with me that day but one of the main things I learnt was that people like to read blogs? Really? People are interested in other people’s lives. I’ve never really read a blog; I haven’t ever really been interested in blogging? How am I going to write a blog?  All of these questions were going through my mind.  As it was a dental marketing trip I assumed the business coach meant blogging about dentistry. NOPE. He suggested blogging about human interests, things that people may be interested in knowing about, maybe writing about yourself, things that you are up to. WHAT? I’m not very interesting; I’m just a dental nurse with two dogs and a fiancé. I would say I’ve got a pretty normal life. Nothing interesting happens to me. But here I am writing my VERY FIRST BLOG?

I’ve written a blog about a blog.

Happy first blog to me! YAY!