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Our 10-point Clinical Assessments

When you become a member of Archway, we will ask you to attend an oral examination twice a year. These aren't just "check-ups". Our Team focuses on proactive, preventative dentistry so that we can identify problems at the earliest stage or stop them altogether. Our 10-point clinical assessments give you peace of mind about your oral health and can prevent unnecessary discomfort and expense in the future.

Your 10-point clinical assessment includes:
About You

We will start to get to know you, to build your trust, in order to give you the care you need. These consultations give you plenty of time to relax and chat without feeling as though you’re on a conveyor belt.

Digital X-Rays

We will take digital x-rays of your teeth so we can assess your current oral health and the the key to your smile. We may also decide to take an OPG x-ray, which gives us a holistic view of what’s going on in your mouth.

Digital Photography

We will take digital photos of your teeth and smile. These images are essential for treatment planning and provides a helpful illustration during your consultation. We find that these photos are also a great communication tool to use with our laboratory when assessing facial shape and symmetry.

Tooth Check

A thorough assessment of the health, function and appearance of your teeth and any existing restorations.

Gum Health

We will carry out an extensive gum assessment of the foundation of your teeth. We may recommend a treatment programme with one of our Hygiene Therapists after this who may also offer bespoke home care products.

Bite Records

We will record and review your bite; how your teeth meet and move across each other. We do this so that we identify the correct function of any restorative treatment we may plan together.

Jaw Joint

We assess your external jaw joints because the regular occurrence of headaches and migraines is often closely related to ‘bite’ issues such as teeth grinding during sleep.

Internal Soft Tissue

We assess the health of your tongue, cheeks and palate, and carry out a comprehensive Oral Cancer Screening at each consultation.

External Soft Tissue

We assess the glands and lymph nodes around your neck and lips, noting facial profile and any abnormalities.


We will discuss your existing diet and lifestyle, including factors such as smoking and alcohol consumption, which can affect the health of your teeth. We will also ask you about your general health and medication.

New Patient Journey

“Before I came to Archway Dental Surgery I was really self conscious about my teeth, so much to the point I wouldn’t visit the dentist...since the treatment now I’m so much more confident, happy to have photos and videos taken.. In all areas of my life I’m more confident now!”
Book an

You can book an appointment online or contact Archway where one of the Team will be able to assist you. You can also book a video consultation with a member of our clinical team.

Book a Video Consultation
Before your appointment.

When you book an appointment you will be asked for your email address so that we can send you a pre-appointment pack to complete in your own time including medical history, COVID 19 questionnaire and your next of kin details. This saves you time filling out paperwork at your appointment and uses secure electronic signature; nice and simple!

Upon arrival

Please check in at reception, one of our friendly team will greet you and notify the clinician of your arrival. You will be asked to take a seat in our patient lounge, and offered a refreshment if you would like one.

Meeting your

When you enter the surgery you will be asked to keep your mask on and sanitise your hands once more. You will then meet your Archway dentist who will review your previous dental/medical history that you completed prior to your appointment.

Your 10-Point Clinical Assessment

Your dentist will carry out a 10-point clinical assessment including digital x-rays, digital photographs and an oral cancer screen. You may hear a low whirring noise or notice the blue hue from a white box on the wall. This is our Virus Killer. We have installed these for our patient and team's safety as these purify the air within the surgery and kill all viruses including Coronavirus; it does exactly what it says on the tin!

What happens next?

When the assessment is complete, your clinical team will ask you to replace your mask. You and your dentist will then discuss the various treatment options that are available and a treatment plan. You will receive a copy of this including all fees. (Link to fees and Plans/Finance) On completion you will be led back to the patient lounge to collect your belongings and pay for your appointment. This is also your opportunity to book the next available appointment and ask any further questions you may have. When you leave you can dispose of your mask and sanitise your hands as directed by the team.

We look forward to meeting you.

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