New to wearing Invisalign? Some need-to-know tips from Archway Dental Surgery

While invisible and clear braces have almost eradicated the need for traditional aligners in the majority of adult orthodontics, many people are genuinely surprised that these braces also take some getting used to.wearing-invisalign

Of course, as is the way with having any new appliance in your mouth, you will have to get used to it simply being there for the majority of the day, which can cause initial issues with speech and comfort. But there are many other nuances to know about when it comes to treatment with invisible braces, which will make the entire process much smoother.

At Archway Dental Surgery, our team is able to recommend some gold-standard tips to make your treatment with Invisalign in Cornwall easier to manage. As we have helped thousands of adult and teenage patients straighten their smiles with this brace, we can offer you advice for coping in those first few awkward weeks and beyond.

Be aware, that these are only some basic tips to managing Invisalign in Cornwall and our team will be able to offer you more personalised advice during your first check-up post fitting!

Invest in a travel toothbrush

This first tip confuses many patients who have started to wear Invisalign in Cornwall.

As the brace is removable, you need to brush your teeth after each meal to avoid pressing food debris against your teeth.

Therefore, the easiest way to achieve this is with the purchasing of a travel-sized toothbrush. Don’t worry, you will just need the toothbrush and not the toothpaste!

Only drink water

Let’s be a bit more specific; when you are wearing your invisible brace, it is advisable to only consume water.

As the plastic which your invisible brace is made from is not stain resistant and can become discoloured if you consume acidic drinks while wearing the brace. If you want that invisible brace to stay invisible, stick to plain water.

Dental wax is a must!

It is true that invisible braces offer superior comfort to their wearers; after all, no metal and no tightening does indeed make for a more pleasant orthodontic experience!

But, while you are adjusting to your new brace in those first few weeks, you may be surprised at how often it rubs against your tongue, which can lead to sores starting to form.

In this case, our team will be able to provide you with a specialised dental wax, to reduce those irritated areas and make you feel more comfortable.

Store them in their case

When out and about, if your brace isn’t in your mouth be sure to keep it in the case it came with.

This will prevent it from warping, becoming damaged and of course, will ensure that you always know where it is when you need to put it back in!

Manage discomfort

While this brace does not cause as much pressure as regular braces do, it is important to manage any discomfort you notice. If over-the-counter pain relief does not alleviate the discomfort, contact our team immediately!