‘Green Dentistry’

‘Green Dentistry’

The dental industry is notorious for its large carbon footprint. We know dentistry as teeth, diagnosis, treatments dental care, but each and every practice produces unfriendly waste! Here at Archway we feel we have a role to play in helping to tackle climate change and we are actively working on and identifying ways we can help and deliver services more sustainably.

How can we do this??

  • We are identifying the areas we need to improve on.
  • We are implementing alternatives.
  • Researching and looking at ways we can improve.


Here are a few of the changes we have been working on and will continue to participate towards saving our planet….

  • Changing to Digital X-rays – not only are patients exposed to less radiation but we no longer generate chemicals, paper, lead waste.
  • We have been trying to reduce our paper waste, patient files are electronic.
  • In our waiting areas our magazines are recycled and we have reduced the volume and frequency of magazines.
  • We support the local Kicks Count Charity and have a recycling box in our waiting room and encourage patients or anyone in the community to bring in there dental waste to recycle.
  • We are actively encouraging our patients to have recall reminders via SMS and email.
  • We have just ordered re-usable metal mouthwash cups we can sterilise to get rid our biggest plastic waste!
  • Currently we are working on reducing our paper/plastic waste through our sterilisation pouches, and looking at alternative ways to do this but still be compliant.
  • Using social media to encourage our patients to recycle and participate.

“It’s all our responsibility”