Fee Guide

Welcome to the Archway Dental fee guide. We have made our standard guide as clear as possible; each patient's needs are different and unique (that's what we love about dentistry!), but rest assured, we will always discuss your treatment cost before we start your dental treatment journey.

Treatment fee guide - Spring 2023

Our dental treatment prices will be used as a fee guide; treatments may cost less or more depending on the complexity of each case. Our dentists and dental therapists will always provide you with your oral treatment plan and a cost estimate before starting any dental treatment.

If you would like to hear more about our treatments, services and offers, give us a call 01579 383 300

We are Denplan registered and have finance options available, including 0% terms.

Our fees are correct as of Spring 2023. Want to read our reviews?

Treatment Type Fee Fees for Denplan Members
Spread the cost of your treatment for up to 5 years with our finance partner Tabeo. For more information speak with our Treatment Coordinator. Archway Dental is registered with the FCA.
Free Initial Smile Consultation - Bookable Online
All Invisalign packages include professional whitening and three sets of Vivera retainers
From £1500-£4195
Implant Consultation
Single Implant restored with a crown
Implant-retained bridges and dentures
Tooth Whitening
From £2996
From £3997
From £415 - £578
Non-Registered Emergency diagnosis consultation fee
[Excludes treatment cost]
£79* Payment is taken during appointment booking
New Patient Examination Adult
Includes detailed dental check, gum disease screening, oral cancer screening, all necessary small x-rays.
Children's initial consultation is FREE if joining with a paying adult [for a new patient consultation]
Children NP Consult fees [if joining individually i.e. parent/guardian is not joining as well]

Routine Examination Adults
Routine Examination Children

Small X-Rays
£79* Payment is taken during appointment booking

£25 Years 0 - 5
£40 Years 6 - 11
£60 Years 12 - 17

£22 Years 0 - 11
£30 Years 12 - 17
£15 each

*Included in Denplan
*Included in Denplan For Children
Hygienist Visits
Gum Disease Treatment Program: Ultimate Gum Therapy
Fillings in Children's Baby Teeth
Crown for Baby Teeth
From £85
From £649

From £159
From £84
*Included in Denplan

From £143.10
From £75.60
From £117
Root canal therapy
Out of Hours call-out fee for registered patients
From £890
From £750
From £750
From £850
From £495
From £110
£250 *Includes Emergency Treatment
From £801
From £675
From £675
From £765
From £445.50
From £99
Plan A - Includes 1 x Exam, 1 x Hygiene Therapy + X-rays as needed £11.29
Plan B - Includes 2 x Exams, 2 x Hygiene Therapy + X-rays as needed £20.95
Plan C - Includes 2 x Exams, 4 x Hygiene Therapy + X-rays as needed £31.41
Patients need to be examined and dentally fit to join Denplan
Plan A - 2 x Examinations, 2 x Fluoride applications + X-rays as needed £6.25
Plan B - 1 x Hygienist visit, 2 x Examinations, 2 x Fluoride applications + X-rays as needed £11.03

ICO Number: ZA321015