Health advantages of Invisalign

Do you want to straighten your teeth as an adult, but aren’t sure if it is worth it solely for the cosmetic outcome?advantages-of-invisalign

At Archway Dental, we know all about how having a straighter smile can improve both your physical and mental health and are happy to recommend Invisalign in Cornwall to our suitable patients.

Still think that invisible aligners are all about resolving cosmetic issues? Here, our dentist discusses 5 top benefits of using Invisalign in Cornwall, so enjoy!

Better dental health

There is more to a straight smile than just looking pretty!

When you use Invisalign in Cornwall, your teeth will become easier to clean, thus leading to a reduction in issues such as cavities, gum disease and plaque accumulation.

And if that newly straightened smile is maintained with regular dental visits, the benefits of using an invisible aligner really can last a lifetime!

Better physical health

Yes, you read that correctly! Wearing an aligner can improve your physical health too!

As mentioned before, if you have excessive levels of plaque (due to misaligned teeth), it can lead to a whole host of secondary issues, such as an increased risk of cardiovascular disease, cancer and even strokes.

By straightening your teeth, it is easier to clean them, thus reducing the likelihood of any of these issues occurring.

Better sleep

Can the alignment of your teeth impact your sleep? Of course, it can!

Having misaligned teeth can cause your teeth to grind together at night when you sleep, leading to disturbed sleep patterns, alongside an increase in headaches and migraines.

While invisible aligners may not be able to cure all of these issues outright (you may need to use a fitted brace too), they can certainly help reduce tension in the facial muscles caused by grinding and bruxing.

Improved digestion

It is easy to forget the role that teeth play when it comes to biting into and chewing food, especially with all the emphasis on the aesthetics of teeth.

But when you have misaligned teeth, it can also be tough on your stomach. Picture a machine; when all the cogs and wheels turn correctly, the machine works just fine. But if one of those cogs falls out of line, it can be tough for the machine to work correctly and thus, secondary issues occur. This is the case when it comes to your stomach and your mouth; if your teeth are misaligned, larger pieces of food will hit the stomach and cause problems with things like acid reflux and digestion.

By straightening your teeth, you can not only improve your digestion but can also reduce the likelihood of issues like heartburn occurring. Great!

Clearer speech

OK, so this is more linked to confidence than anything else! But any speech therapist will tell you that the position of your teeth has an impact on your speech patterns and inflexions.

And as you can imagine, if your teeth are misaligned, it can make it harder to pronounce certain words and sounds. For instance, if your front teeth are more spaced apart, you may struggle to pronounce words like ‘theirs’ or ‘the.’ And when you use invisible aligners to straighten your teeth, your speech patterns will inevitably notice the benefit!

Invisalign chewies; your FAQs answered

Have you had enough of having a misaligned smile? Do you want to use invisible aligners to straighten it out?cornwall-invisalign

Nifty, practically invisible and easy to fit around day to day life, invisible aligners have taken the world of adult and teenage orthodontics by storm. And while you may have read that these aligners can work miracles, their effectiveness is often accompanied by a myriad of accessories, all designed to help you get the straighter teeth that you want and deserve.

At Archway Dental, we are proud to be able to offer our suitable patients Invisalign in Cornwall and can advise you on all of the best accessories available to help make your dream smile occur sooner. Perfect!

Here, our team discusses one of the most common accessories used by patients today concerning Invisalign in Cornwall; chewies!

What are chewies?

In short, chewies are a device that you chew on while wearing Invisalign in Cornwall that help to reduce the presence of air bubbles between your teeth and the aligners. They are designed to help improve the overall fit of the aligners and thus, they help to keep your realignment progress on track.

They are most valuable when you are switching from an old aligner to a new one, that may not fit as well and requires a little encouragement to slot into place. They are safe to chew on, as they are made from a soft plastic called styrene copolymer, which has a springy texture.

How often should I use them?

It is advised that you use chewies at least twice a day.

Typically, you will need to use a chewie each time you change the aligner tray. This will help it to fit snugly against your teeth and will help keep the treatment on schedule.

Of course, if you are having prolonged issues with your aligner trays fitting correctly, then we advise that you contact our team to have an assessment made about your treatment with invisible aligners.

Are they reusable?

Yes, they are!

Each chewie can be used for between 1-2 weeks but once they lose their bounce or elasticity when chewing them, it is time to move on to another one.

Do they need cleaning?

They may need cleaning but as they are made from a silicone rubber polymer, it is fairly straightforward to clean them.

Simply rinse them under a cold tap after each use and store them safely. As a general rule, once they lose their elasticity, you should consider replacing them.

Do they speed up treatment time?

Generally speaking, chewies are not designed to speed up the treatment time of invisible aligners. However, they can help keep it on track.

Remember, that you have to wear the aligners for 22 hours per day for them to work but, to ensure that they do work, they need to be fitted correctly next to your teeth. As chewies help to reduce the incidence of air bubbles between the teeth and the aligners, they can help keep the treatment schedule as planned and will help to prevent delays. Great stuff!

Myths about Invisalign debunked by our team

Have you read that invisible aligners are too expensive for most people to afford?

At Archway Dental, our team knows all there is to know about Invisalign in Cornwall and can provide you with the most accurate information on this aligner. Well, compared to information that you may read in online forums!invisalign-cornwall

But what is the truth about Invisalign in Cornwall? Here, our team breaks down 5 of the most common myths we are asked about at Archway Dental.

Myth 1- Invisible aligners don’t cause discomfort

You may have heard that Invisalign in Cornwall is a completely comfortable aligner to wear in daily life.

In comparison to other types of orthodontic tools, it can be seen as straightforward, however, we are sad to say that even in 2021, there is no such thing as a painless orthodontic procedure. But if when wearing your invisible aligner you notice extensive discomfort, please contact our team.

Myth 2- Few people are suitable for invisible aligners

Provided that you are over 18 years of age (for the adult version of these aligners), have good oral health and have a misalignment that is not too complicated, then you will probably be suitable for invisible aligners. To assess this correctly, our team will need to conduct an assessment of your teeth and mouth and then will provide advice on which realignment tool we feel is best suited to your needs.

Myth 3- They take longer than metal braces

It is easy to see where this myth comes from; metal braces are attached to the teeth and so, they are better equipped to move them quickly.

However, this is not the case; invisible aligners are designed to handle more straightforward cases of orthodontic misalignment and so, they take less time on average; around 3-6 months. Metal braces on the other hand are designed to handle more complex cases and so, they can take up to 3 years to correct misalignments.

Should you wish to proceed with invisible aligners, our team will be able to provide a rough guide on how long your case will take to correct. Great!

Myth 4- They are too expensive for most people to afford

This is one of the most common myths that we hear about.

Many patients have concerns that they won’t be able to afford this treatment or that dental teams will demand the money upfront!

Luckily, at Archway Dental, we know that money doesn’t fall from the sky and we can offer our suitable patients’ financing options, to help you spread the cost of the treatment.

For more information about this and to assess your suitability, talk to our team.

Myth 5- They can’t correct complex cases

In some ways, this may be correct; invisible aligners are not suited for correcting issues that revolve around the molar teeth, such as the movement or rotation of them.

But as the technology has advanced, invisible aligners have too and are now able to correct more extreme cases of over or underbites, and can also correct more complex spacing or overcrowding issues.

To be certain that you will benefit from wearing invisible aligners, contact our team at Archway Dental for an assessment.

FAQs about Invisalign answered

Do you want to get the smile you have always wanted using invisible aligners but have some questions?invisalign-in-cornwall

When you come to Archway Dental, our team can help! We have helped many patients correct their oral misalignments using Invisalign in Cornwall and can provide you with the guidance needed to help you reach your aesthetic goals. Great!

Here, our team answers the most common queries we receive about Invisalign in Cornwall.

Can invisible aligners fix an overbite?

Yes, they can!

While you will need to see our dentist to assess if you are suitable for Invisalign in Cornwall, most people are suitable for use with this invisible aligner. And yes, we will discuss if your overbite, underbite or crossbite can be treated using this technique. In most cases, they can be but if we determine that your orthodontic issue is too complicated for treatment with an invisible aligner, we may suggest a clear or standard brace instead.

Will they give me a lisp?

After you first put the aligners in, it may take some time for your tongue and mouth to adapt. So, yes, you may have a temporary lisp!

However, this is a short term problem, as most people will adapt to wearing an invisible aligner within about a week. Our team at Archway Dental can also recommend some exercises to help you adapt quicker; aim to talk for as long as possible while wearing the aligners and, if possible, why not try singing? This will help your tongue and facial muscles adapt to the aligners quickly, but may annoy your neighbours a bit! But rest assured, it works when trying to get used to an invisible aligner.

Are they visually discrete?

Yes, they are.

Physically, invisible aligners look like a custom-fitted sports guard, except they are made from clear plastic.

As you can imagine, there are a few ways that they can become stained when you are wearing them, so we recommend avoiding smoking or consuming coffee or red wine while the aligners are in your mouth. We also advise removing any food debris or plaque from your aligners using a soft-bristled toothbrush and a running cold tap. This not only keeps the aligners clear but keeps your teeth and gums healthy too!

How often should I clean them?

Generally, you should aim to clean your aligners twice a day and as mentioned above, they are fairly simple to clean.

Just rinse them under a cold tap to remove debris and if there are any persistent stains, gently try to remove them with a toothbrush. We do not recommend cleaning your aligners with hot water, as this can cause them to warp and thus render them useless! Similarly, refrain from using coloured mouthwash to clean them, as this can lead to staining. But, there are many other options for cleaning them if you want to keep them tasting and feeling minty fresh. The aligner brand itself even provides a range of cleaning crystals, which work in a similar way to denture cleaner.

How long will I need to wear them?

The length of your treatment with invisible aligners will be discussed at your initial consultation with our team; on average, it takes invisible aligners between 3-6 months to straighten a smile.

How to ensure the best Invisalign experience

As a modern orthodontic solution, Invisalign in Cornwall is able to produce desired results thanks to powerful intuitive technology to align teeth in incremental teeth movements. To date, 10 million patients around the world have trusted their teeth straightening goals to this remarkable aligner-based system and the numbers continue to grow.invisalign-in-cornwall

At Archway Dental we are committed to exceptional dental care which is why we offer treatment plans that use the best methods to achieve optimal oral health and function. One such treatment plan that we offer patients is Invisalign in Cornwall.

For many patients, teeth straightening treatments are an investment of money as well as time, and like any other investment, it needs to be protected. When it comes to Invisalign in Cornwall the level of commitment patients have towards their investment will influence the quality and timeliness of the treatment outcomes and their overall experience. Read on to find out how you can ensure you get the best possible results from your treatment with Invisalign.

Essential tips to make the most out of Invisalign

Commit to wearing your trays

This may seem like a given but it is surprising how many patients fail to wear their trays which jeopardises the results they are after. Teeth cannot be moved into the desired position unless the trays sit on teeth for the minimum amount of time required. For most patients, this is for 22 hours in a 24 hour period.

Initially, patients may find it strange having a ‘foreign’ object sit on teeth but this feeling does not normally last for very long. Patients may also find that their speech has changed to begin with but they quickly get used to talking normally with the trays in their mouth.

Commit to a strict oral hygiene practice

Few patients draw the link between good oral health and teeth straightening but it cannot be overemphasised that for orthodontics to be successful and results maintained for the long-term, patients MUST look after their oral health. This means brushing and flossing teeth daily, especially before putting trays back on after eating and drinking. If a toothbrush is not on hand because you are out then rinsing out the mouth will suffice until you get home.

Cleaning the trays is also non-negotiable as bacteria and germs can collect in them. If not cleaned then bacteria present on the trays can be transferred back into the mouth. Even simply rinsing out the trays with plain water can help when you’re out.

Commit to your schedule

Each Invisalign treatment plan details the interval schedule for when trays should be changed. This schedule must be followed closely if patients are to end the treatment plan on time. Patients can make use of any reminder technique to remember to change trays. This can mean marking off dates on a calendar or setting alarm reminders on your mobile phone.

Store your trays safely when not in use

Invisalign aligners are made of clear plastic which means they can be hard to spot and so easily lost when out of the mouth. By keeping them in their designed storage cases patients can avoid losing them or damaging them which would interrupt the orthodontic process and delay results.

Taking control of your orthodontic treatment plan is not difficult, all it takes is commitment. Come and speak to us for more information on what is required when using Invisalign. We at Archway Dental can’t wait to help you to a more confident, beautiful, healthy smile.

How to get the most out of Invisalign?

Like most orthodontic patients, you will be investing money and time into the teeth straightening process. You will also be expecting to see desirable results at the end of the treatment plan.cornwall-invisalign

Invisalign in Cornwall, available at our Archway Dental practice, is a modern approach to teeth straightening that has found high favour with patients all over the world. Many patients find the Invisalign in Cornwall system to be easy to use and one which fits in wonderfully well with contemporary lifestyles. Even with this easy-to-use orthodontic system, there are guidelines to be mindful of to ensure you protect this process and benefit from the best possible outcomes.

We thought to share a few tips and tricks that help you get the most out of your Invisalign in Cornwall experience.

Tips to maximise your Invisalign investment

Pay close attention to your oral hygiene

One of the biggest threats to the orthodontic process is neglecting oral hygiene. For the effects of teeth straightening to last, teeth and gums must remain in top condition and this can only be achieved with daily brushing and flossing. Fortunately, there are no difficulties associated with Invisalign’s removable aligner trays when it comes to brushing and flossing teeth. The flexible trays are simply removed and then the patient can proceed with cleaning teeth.

Another all-important aspect of oral hygiene using Invisalign is that the trays also need to be cleaned. Once teeth are cleaned, and before the trays can be re-inserted, they need to be cleaned so as to avoid transferring bacteria and germs hiding in the trays back onto teeth.

In sterilising trays, patients must adhere to our guidelines. Trays can be warped or damaged if cleaned incorrectly such as when using hot water to rinse them. Trays are made of plastic and hot water can warp them. Only use recommended cleaning solutions to sterilise trays.

Use the trays as directed

We cannot emphasise enough the crucial importance to follow all instructions when it comes to wearing the trays. The trays need to sit on teeth for at least 22 hours a day so that they can shift teeth into the desired position. Patients should get used to wearing trays at night.

Invisalign does not use a single device. A treatment plan will consist of a number of trays with each tray designed to make incremental teeth movements in the alignment process. Patients are given a schedule indicating when trays should be changed. Interval changes are generally every one to two weeks.

Be patient

It is only normal for patients to make adjustments when on an orthodontic treatment plan. After all, they are inserting a foreign object into their mouth so initial challenges to the ‘foreign feel’ and speech are expected. These challenges do not last long and patients can overcome them quicker by being patient with the process. If any discomfort is experienced that lasts longer than expected, this is not normal and you should get in touch with us as soon as possible if this occurs.

To explore all orthodontic options please get in touch with us at Archway Dental. We will be able to advise on the best treatment plan that meets your individual needs and preferences, so why not set up a consultation today?

How to get the best results from Invisalign

Being an established dental practice for many years, we at Archway Dental know quite well how excited patients are when embarking on their orthodontic journey. This is especially so when that orthodontic treatment plan involves Invisalign in Cornwall.

With Invisalign in Cornwall, patients can enjoy so many advantages like the fact that the aligner trays are barely visible and that because they are made entirely out of flexible plastic, they are found to be much more comfortable.invisalign-cornwall

Like with any other orthodontic treatment plan, there are guidelines patients should follow to ensure that the teeth straightening process provides them with the results they are after. Here’s what we advise patients to do when using Invisalign in Cornwall.

Tips to get the most out of Invisalign

Pay attention to your oral hygiene

One of the biggest advantages of this teeth correcting system is that it simplifies oral hygiene. The trays are removed before brushing and flossing so these obligations can be performed easily. Teeth must be brushed (or at least rinsed if no toothbrush is available at the time) before trays are re-inserted onto teeth. Gums and teeth must remain in top condition if orthodontic treatment is to be successful and to enjoy desired results for the long term.

Aligner trays also need to be kept clean as bad bacteria and germs can get trapped in the trays and be transferred back into the mouth when worn. When cleaning trays it is important to stick to the guidelines as trays can be damaged if cleaned incorrectly. For example, using hot water to sterilise the trays is not recommended as hot water can warp the plastic. It is best to use approved cleaning solutions and methods.

Remember to wear your aligners

This tip may come as a surprise on this list but it is astounding how many patients forget to put their aligner trays back on after removing them to eat or clean their teeth. Invisalign trays need to sit on teeth for a minimum of 22 hours a day in order to produce the results that are expected from the treatment plan. Failure to follow this golden rule will inevitably result in failure to align teeth as required.

Keep to the schedule

The Invisalign system is different compared to other orthodontic solutions in that instead of just one device, patients are equipped with a set number of trays that need to be changed according to their individual interval change schedule. Each patient will have a specific number of trays that they will use to align their teeth. The interval between the change in trays is either weekly or every two weeks.

Store the trays properly

When not sitting on teeth, aligner trays should be stored safely in the designated storage case. This is to prevent the trays from being lost or damaged. We encourage patients to always have with them a storage case if one is needed.

The benefits of showing off an attractive smile can be life-changing.  Find out what we at Archway Dental can do for your imperfect smile. Get in touch with our front desk team today to set up an appointment.

Top techniques to protect your Invisalign treatment plan

We at Archway Dental not only aim to offer efficacious modern orthodontic solutions like Invisalign in Cornwall but work to educate our patients in the best ways to protect their teeth straightening efforts.invisalign-in-cornwall

Patients are often surprised when they learn that using an orthodontic device is not all there is to straightening teeth, but that they, too, have a role to play. What a patient does or not do has a direct bearing on the effectiveness of their treatment plan. And so it is with Invisalign in Cornwall too.

We take a look at some of the best practice techniques we would like patients to bear in mind when using their teeth straightening trays to maximise treatment outcomes.

Great tips to make the most of Invisalign in Cornwall

Don’t forget to sterilise the trays

As they are removable using Invisalign trays simplifies oral hygiene routines. Patients will know to continue to brush and floss daily but they also need to be mindful to clean their aligner trays as well. Food may not get trapped in the trays but bad bacteria transferred from teeth can get stuck too.

We will talk patients through how to sterilise their trays and can recommend the best cleaning solutions available to use. It is thought that hot water is a good idea to get rid of germs and bacteria but hot water damages these trays. Invisalign trays use intuitive technologies to shift teeth and it is important to use only recommended products so as to not damage the trays.

Remember to remove trays when eating

Removing Invisalign aligners at mealtimes is not just for the convenience of patients, there is another reason for this too. While the trays are remarkably strong, there is the risk of staining when eating certain foods or drinking beverages like coffee and red wine. Secondly, there is the possibility of damage when eating with the trays on. The bite force of teeth during biting and chewing may damage the trays.

Remember to store trays as directed

As patients will be removing trays a few times over the course of a day, it pays to remember what to do with them once taken out. We advise patients to always use the dedicated storage cases designed for the aligners and to carry a spare with them when they are out. This will ensure that an appropriate storage case is on hand when they need one. Keeping them safe in the storage case until it is time to put them back on is best to avoid the trays from getting lost (the aligners are made out of clear plastic so they may be hard to spot) or damaged.

Remember to keep to your schedule

Many patients love the fact that Invisalign treatment plans put them in control of their orthodontic goals. The treatment involves wearing a series of trays that need to be changed every week or two. It is imperative that patients remember when each tray needs to be changed.

You can learn more about Invisalign and what the treatment involves by contacting us at Archway Dental for a consultation. We can help you find the right orthodontic solution to give you the smile you’ll love.

Realigning your smile with Invisalign in Cornwall

The process from start to finishInvisalign-cornwall

Whether you have noticed your tooth misalignment yourself, been told by others or have had our dental team discuss it with you, when you first look into the procedure for yourself it is important to understand what the treatment entails. Invisalign in Cornwall, with us at Archway Dental Surgery, not only ensures that you first attend a consultation appointment, but also makes certain that you are walked through a 3D plan of what the treatment entails and what the end result will be when you follow the plan. It is during this consultation that our dentist will discover whether or not this is the best treatment for you and will seek to understand the full extent of your goal in terms of your smile. After all, Invisalign in Cornwall requires teamwork and therefore you and our dental team all need to start on the same page.

During the consultation a series of digital scans, photographs and in some cases X-rays will be taken. Not only does this allow the dental team to see the full extent of your misalignment problem, but it also acts as the basis on which the aligners are being made. Each aligner is custom made so as to fit snugly to a patient’s teeth, creating minimal discomfort during the realignment process. Following on from the consultation the aligners will be created and ready to begin treatment within approximately 1 to 2 weeks.

As soon as the aligners are ready for collection an appointment will be made during which the plan will be discussed again with you, so as to ensure you are fully aware of your commitment and responsibility. During this time you will also be instructed on how to fit the aligners, remove them safely and clean them. All of these details of care are of extreme importance as the aligners will be worn for approximately 22 hours a day. Although the changeover of aligner sets may not occur before your check-up appointment, this is entirely dependent on your individual situation, you will be guided as to when that is likely to occur. This is important as the aligners will be pushing the teeth into a new aligned position and in order to continue progressing, the changeover of sets is needed.

With check-ups occurring regularly and your commitment to the treatment remaining in place, once the desired result has been reached a new aligner will be created designed from your new tooth alignment. Teeth have a tendency to shift back into their original positioning over time and therefore to maintain the new smile and all the work put in, you will be required to wear an aligner ongoing. Once again this is transparent and comfortable, no different to the previous aligners worn during treatment, but helps maintain the new positioning of the teeth.

Whilst written out on the page the Invisalign in Cornwall treatment may sound complicated and long winded, in truth it fits into your daily life extremely easily and once the habit of wearing and removing the retainer during certain times sets in, it will become second nature. It makes this particular treatment highly popular at our practice, due to its lack of fussiness and complication.

Hide behind your mask no more, thanks to Invisalign in Cornwall

Tooth realignment as an adultcornwall-invisalign

When people discuss braces and orthodontic treatments, more often than not, the first thought that comes to mind is their teenage years. Train-track style braces or retainers which allowed you to choose a colour were commonly used to realign the teeth and whilst as a young teenager this was normal, as an adult at work nowadays this is often not something we want to undergo. Many therefore resort to putting up with their alignment problems and shy away from the spotlight, finding face masks useful tools. Luckily advances within dental knowledge and technology have ensured that the cosmetic appearance of treatments has also improved along with the standard of treatment and this is where our use of Invisalign in Cornwall fits in.

So what are they and why might they suit me?

To put it simply, Invisalign treatment consists of custom-made plastic retainers which fit snugly to your own set of teeth whilst remaining transparent. The combination of the transparency and material used ensures that they remain barely visible to those around you whilst pushing your teeth into a new, better aligned position. So there is no need to lock yourself away whilst receiving treatment, but you can embrace every meeting and social gathering you are invited to without fear of embarrassment.

This particular orthodontic treatment suits many adults as it just slots into their daily life without endless appointments interrupting their schedule or significant pain banishing them to their bed. Once the initial consultation has taken place with us, generally within 1 to 2 weeks the aligners will be provided and then a check-up appointment is booked in around every 4 to 6 weeks throughout the duration of the treatment. The rest of the process is carried out through your daily life. Retainers need to be worn for approximately 22 hours a day and no special diet is required, as they are able to be removed during meal and snack times, as well as when you clean your teeth. Invisalign in Cornwall, with our practice Archway Dental Surgery, fits in with your daily life rather than having to work around it, which means your busy schedule can stay the same.

Why might other orthodontic treatments be required first or instead?

Whilst Invisalign in Cornwall is often the more popular method of orthodontic treatment in recent years, it is not the only excellent treatment out there. Fixed braces with their tooth coloured wires and brackets are another particularly efficient treatment and in some cases may be more suited to your individual needs. For instance, if you are likely to constantly remove the aligners, the fixed brace option may be more suitable for you as the temptation to remove the aligner will not be there. The removal of the aligner for long periods of time will negatively impact the progress of the treatment and therefore it is important to consider what would suit your daily life and personality best.

For those suffering from severe tooth misalignment issues, it may be that a fixed brace would be best to begin your treatment. Our dental team will always discuss these options with you and it may be that they recommend a fixed brace to start with followed by a switch over to Invisalign in Cornwall, if your personal preference is to follow the aligner treatment. Therefore always ensure that our dental team knows your views and concerns so that they can work with you in perfecting your smile.