OK, so. Here it goes.

Hello I am Hannah and I am a registered Dental Nurse at The Archway.

I recently went on a marketing trip along with my boss (Felicity) and manager (Heidi) up to Manchester to learn how to promote Felicity’s business. I took a lot away with me that day but one of the main things I learnt was that people like to read blogs? Really? People are interested in other people’s lives. I’ve never really read a blog; I haven’t ever really been interested in blogging? How am I going to write a blog?  All of these questions were going through my mind.  As it was a dental marketing trip I assumed the business coach meant blogging about dentistry. NOPE. He suggested blogging about human interests, things that people may be interested in knowing about, maybe writing about yourself, things that you are up to. WHAT? I’m not very interesting; I’m just a dental nurse with two dogs and a fiancé. I would say I’ve got a pretty normal life. Nothing interesting happens to me. But here I am writing my VERY FIRST BLOG?

I’ve written a blog about a blog.

Happy first blog to me! YAY!