Invisalign in Cornwall, twenty-first century treatment

‘Time and tide, wait for no man’, Geoffrey Chaucer’s statement is as profound today as it was in the fourteenth century. At Archway Dental Surgery we have embraced the advances made in technology and dental science, because we know that we must move with the times. Treatments for dental misalignment have moved rapidly ahead from the days of uncomfortable metal braces and a ‘one treatment suits all’ approach. invisalign-in-cornwall

Targeted dental treatments

There are a number of new braces and aligners designed to correct specific conditions, because we know that we are all different and therefore we all need to be treated slightly differently. Invisalign in Cornwall uses the high precision iTero 3D scanner which produces accurate and detailed images of the interior of a patient’s mouth. There is no need for dental putty and it’s much quicker and more precise than previous scanners. It also provides predicted digital images of what your teeth will look like after treatment, even before your treatment commences.

Accuracy delivers successful results

Because Invisalign in Cornwall employs a different method to traditional braces, the creation of precise results is key to the treatment. Unlike braces which traditionally work using blocks attached to your teeth with wires and bands, Invisalign in Cornwall uses plastic trays. These trays resemble gumshields and a series is produced, each with a slightly different orientation which moves your teeth gradually to the desired location. The trays are manufactured from a dental grade polyurethane and polyester thermoplastic which are clear and therefore unobtrusive. This makes them suitable for young people and adults alike.

Eliminating dental misalignment

There are many reasons why it is better to correct a dental misalignment than to leave it untreated. If your teeth do not meet up correctly you are unable to chew your food properly which can cause you to suffer from gastric discomfort. Because your teeth may be crooked, overcrowded or you have an overbite, underbite or other similar condition, you may find that you are unable to brush your teeth properly. This can cause pockets to form around your teeth and gums which can lead to tooth decay and gum disease. Invisalign will help to straighten your misaligned teeth and the possibility of suffering from any of these conditions. Of course then there is the self-consciousness that you may have developed whenever you want to smile. Often people will hide their mouths when they smile because of this self-consciousness.

Rewarded with your smile

As a dental practitioner there is nothing more rewarding than a patient smiling after treatment. Invisalign is one of those treatments that brings a lot of relief and joy to our patients and we enjoy seeing the results after treatment. To think that wearing a simple device that looks similar to a gum shield could produce such amazing results would not have been believed many years ago. Of course there is a lot of complicated science, technology and technique to get to the final result, but it is satisfying to know that a treatment like this is available. If you have a dental misalignment condition, Invisalign is here waiting to put that broad, radiant smile on your face.