Don’t hide your smile, let Invisalign in Cornwall, bring it out!

Are your teeth a source of embarrassment to you? Let us help you release the real inner you! Archway Dental Surgery is a family practice that has been established for four decades. We have a friendly, exuberant, passionate and experienced team ready to take care of you from arrival to final treatment. We have been using Invisalign in Cornwall to help put smiles on patients’ faces, discreetly.


A treatment with a pedigree

Misaligned teeth have been a problem for thousands of years and have been treated in many different ways. In 1997 a new and revolutionary method was created. Over the ensuing decades the techniques, and equipment rapidly evolved into a coordinated system that is appropriate for the modern lifestyle. We use Invisalign in Cornwall because it has been a pioneer not only in the development of a new dental appliance, but because of the equipment that is used to support the treatment.

Accuracy, speed and comfort

The introduction of digital equipment, algorithms, hardware and software have helped Invisalign in Cornwall to be able to take oral scans of your mouth using a scanner that takes over three thousand images of your mouth in a second. The advantage of this is that the various systems allow us to produce precise images and calculations to straighten your teeth. Everything is done digitally so there is no dental putty required to make a mould. Your treatment plan is quickly and accurately produced and communication between the laboratory and us is instant. To help you to decide on whether to pursue the treatment or not we can produce a virtual image of how your smile will look after treatment, before we even begin. This technology was not available decades ago and it has eliminated any guesswork.

A gum shield?

The traditional blocks on the front of your teeth, wires and bands have been replaced with an appliance that resembles a gum shield. Generally these gum shields are called aligners. This appliance fits over your teeth and is made from a clear dental material so it is inconspicuous. We refer to the gum shields as trays and a number are produced based on your particular condition. Each tray has its own job to do and is shaped by computer software to gradually move your teeth into the desired position. To be suitably efficient each tray needs to be worn in a particular sequence for a minimum of two weeks. The trays must be worn for at least twenty-two hours per day. They can however be removed to allow you to eat, drink and to brush and floss your teeth.

Release your new smile

At the end of the treatment, it is necessary to wear a final aligner which will hold your teeth in their new position. You may remove this final aligner to allow for brushing and flossing as well as eating and drinking. After a few weeks you will be able to remove this final aligner and display with pride and confidence, your radiant smile, which you have been hiding from the world.