Dentist in Torpoint

5 treatments we offer at Archway Dental

Do you feel that your current dental practitioner isn't quite what you're looking for? Are you wanting to find a suitable dental surgery for you and your family?

It goes without saying that when it comes to healthcare, dentistry is becoming recognised as one of the most anxiety-causing forms available. With people often remembering bad encounters with their childhood dental team, many people often feel a bit anxious when it comes to booking their bi-annual check-ups.

However, on par with these levels of concern, dental teams are now becoming more compassionate towards nervous patients, and aim to introduce younger children to dental care as young as possible, to eliminate any problems that can occur later in life.

At Archway Dental, we always ensure that our patients feel comfortable when they come to see us, and can help even the most anxious dental patient feel at ease. When considering treatments from a dentist in Torpoint, our team at Archway Dental Surgery will always show you and your family compassion and care, so you can relax in our experienced and knowledgeable hands. We see patients who travel to our Callington practice from all across Cornwall.

On your quest for a dentist in Torpoint, find out about some procedures that Archway Dental Surgery in Callington can offer you. Read on to find out!

Cosmetic options

At Archway Dental, we want you to feel good about your smile.

Think about what Archway Dental Surgery in Callington can offer you whilst looking for a dentist in Torpoint. We offer a range of cosmetic treatments such as straightening, whitening and realignment of your teeth! Everything from dental implants to porcelain veneers, our team at Archway dental can do it all!

Preventive dentistry

Of course, when it comes to dentistry, prevention is better than cure.

We are able to offer in house hygienist treatments, along with preventive procedures for children such as fluoride sealants. We are also able to customise specialist procedures for those who have a history of gum disease or who have illnesses which may weaken their enamel.

General dental

But, while cosmetic options are great, they cannot be performed without that good old-fashioned bi-annual check-up!

When you come to our team at Archway Dental, we will work with you to make sure that your oral health is in good condition, while regularly screening for conditions like oral cancer and gingivitis. Remember, good oral health is the cornerstone of everything we do and if you want to undertake any kind of cosmetic procedure, our team will need to make sure that your general oral health is good and is being managed correctly.

Children's dental care

We know that children are rarely excited about having to attend dental check-ups.

However, our team will always aim to make the experience as fun as possible, providing your child with tips and advice on how to keep their teeth healthy and strong for the rest of their lives.


At Archway Dental, we are also able to provide all of our patients with access to our emergency appointments; with specific slots set aside each day, if you notice anything that needs urgent treatment, we can offer you an appointment that same day! Allowing you to get on with your life pain-free.