Dentist in Launceston

Are you on the hunt for a reputable dentist in Launceston who can provide outstanding dental care for you and your loved ones?

At Archway Dental, we pride ourselves on being a team of compassionate and highly skilled dental professionals conveniently located across two sites in Kelly Bray and Callington, just a short and hassle-free drive from Launceston. With over four decades of experience, we consistently deliver excellence in a bright and modern setting.

Choosing the right dentist is a decision that deserves careful consideration, especially if dental anxiety is a concern. Your choice of dentist can greatly influence your dental experiences, whether they are stress-free and result in a beautiful smile or the very opposite. Having a dependable dentist who's there for you during dental emergencies is also an essential. We all want the peace of mind that comes with knowing we can secure a same-day appointment in our time of need.

That's why selecting the nearest dental practice isn't always the wisest choice. Instead, we recommend choosing a trustworthy dentist who treats you and your family with genuine compassion and provides outstanding dental care. Our patients come to us from all corners of Cornwall and beyond because they trust in our commitment to their well-being and our track record of achieving excellent results.

So whether you're looking for a routine check-up, extraction or a smile-transforming touch with treatments like veneers or Invisalign, we are fully equipped to meet and exceed all your dental needs. Get in touch with us today.

About Us

Since opening in 1983, we've assisted countless patients in reclaiming their oral health and transforming their smiles. Our proficient team of dentists, hygienists and support staff are all driven by a deep passion for delivering personalised care. We also take immense pride in our commitment to incorporating cutting-edge dental technology and techniques to ensure that your experience is nothing short of exceptional.

Our core values form the foundation of our practice, encompassing kindness, warmth, happiness, excellence, honesty, and a generous dose of humour. These principles serve as our compass, leading us in the delivery of outstanding dental care to our valued patients.

Explore more about our practice and discover what sets us apart as the leading dental clinic near Launceston.

Our Services
General & Preventative Dentistry

Our dental team is dedicated to ensuring your smile looks and feels its best. We offer a wide range of treatments, from routine check-ups and professional cleanings to more complex procedures like extractions, root canals and gum health treatments. We're strong advocates for preventive care and are committed to helping you maintain your oral health.

To stay on top of your oral health, we recommend scheduling a trip to our Kelly Bray or Callington offices from Launceston every six months for a thorough exam. These routine check-ups are an excellent way to catch any potential dental issues early on, which can save you both time and money. Prioritising prevention also reduces the likelihood of needing more invasive procedures in the future, something we can all appreciate.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Whether you wish to erase the stains from your daily coffee fix or conceal minor chips and cracks, our cosmetic dentistry services can significantly enhance your smile. With options like porcelain veneers, teeth whitening and composite bonding, we possess the skills and resources to transform the aesthetics of your smile. We always opt for premium-grade materials and utilise the most advanced techniques to deliver stunning results.


Don't worry; there is always time to achieve a straight smile. Our team of experienced Invisalign dentists can fix crooked teeth, regardless of whether you had orthodontic treatment during your teenage years or not. We offer discreet Invisalign aligners, to enhance your appearance and promote better oral health. Trust us to help you achieve the smile you've always wanted.

Restorative Dentistry

Having a healthy and complete smile is incredibly important for enjoying all the best things in life, like eating, speaking and smiling. That's why we offer comprehensive solutions to fix any dental issues you may be experiencing. From white fillings to dental implants, our team will work closely with you to choose the most appropriate treatment that meets your needs. We can repair cavities, strengthen weakened teeth, fill gaps caused by missing teeth, and provide long-lasting solutions for tooth loss. With us, you're guaranteed a smile that functions properly and looks beautiful.

Children's Dental Care

At Archway Dental, we warmly welcome children and recognise the importance of helping your little ones begin their journey towards excellent oral health. We truly believe that instilling good dental practices from an early age can set them up for a lifetime of healthy teeth. So we're here for you and your family every step of the way, offering advice, showing them the best techniques, and making sure your child's teeth stay healthy with regular check-ups and preventive treatments.


We understand that dental emergencies can be distressing and catch you off-guard. Our same-day emergency appointments can provide you with the relief and care you need to get back to feeling your best. Simply call us, and we'll take care of the rest. Whether it's sudden discomfort or a fractured tooth, we're here to help.

How to Reach Us from Launceston

Our largerdental practice is located in Kelly Bray, nestled within the Florence Road business estate. Our Callington dental practice is conveniently located on Well Street.

Getting to us from Launceston is a breeze:

If you're driving, it's just a short 18-20 minute car ride from Launceston to either site, making the journey quick and straightforward. We also provide convenient on-site parking in Kelly Bray.

For those who use public transport, direct bus services can connect you to our Kelly Bray and Callington practices. All you have to do is hop on a bus from Western Road, Launceston (bus no. 12), to New Road in Callington (3-minute walk to Well Street) or Trefloyd Close. From there, it's a leisurely 6-minute walk to Archway Dental Kelly Bray.

Payment Options

We accept multiple payment options, including cash and cards, and provide payment plans to help manage the cost of your dental care. Our front desk staff are more than happy to assist you with our finance options.

New Patients

Are you looking for a new Dentist in Launceston? New patients are always welcome at Archway Dental! We look forward to meeting you and providing you with excellent dental care. Please arrive a few minutes early for your first appointment to complete the necessary paperwork.

Schedule an Appointment

To schedule an appointment with our experienced team or if you have any questions, please get in touch with us at 015 7927 6028 or email us at

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