Dentist in Kelly Bray

Looking for a dentist in Kelly Bray?

Top reasons to join Archway Dental

Whether you have recently relocated to the area of Kelly Bray, or you are simply looking for a new dental team to oversee the dental needs of both yourself and your family, it is important to find a dental surgery to suit you.

In days gone by, it was commonplace to simply select the dental surgery that was closest to you in location. And while this may seem like a good way to go, there are many welcome packages that some dental surgeries offer that will ensure that your oral health is in great condition, while also offering you the option for cosmetic treatments if you wish to pursue them.

At Archway Dental Surgery, we are proud to be able to offer our patients both cosmetic and general dental care, to ensure that all of your needs are covered. Are you looking for a dentist in Kelly Bray? When you join Archway Dental Surgery in Callington, we will invite you in for a new-patient-appointment where we will provide you with a proactive approach to your oral health, while also offering you peace of mind about your future dental care too. What’s not to like about that?

So, you are thinking of joining a dentist in Kelly Bray? Read on to find out what other advantages Archway Dental Surgery in Callington can offer you!

Treatment plan

When considering a dentist in Kelly Bray, Archway Dental Surgery in Callingtonbelieves that your treatment plan is usually based on your cosmetic requirements.

Should you get the all clear during your initial appointment with us, we will then enquire if you have any cosmetic issues that you wish to be addressed. This may involve teeth whitening, straightening or maybe even restorative work with the use of dental implants. Whatever it is, we will aim to ensure that your cosmetic needs are met and planned during this initial appointment and we will discuss feasible options with you from day one.

10 point clinical assessment

Back to basics!

During your first appointment, we will conduct a 10 point clinical assessment of your mouth, which will include digital photography, tooth and gum checks, jaw joint assessment and an examination of the external and internal soft tissue. We will also offer you lifestyle advice to help keep your teeth healthy, and ensure that any medications you are taking and health concerns you have are recorded by our team.

At-home guidance

We understand that everyone's teeth are different and, based on this assessment, we will be able to offer you personalised at-home guidance on how to care for your teeth.

This will involve insight into the most suitable toothpaste for you, a dietary plan and even the most suitable toothbrush to use to promote supreme tooth and gum health!

Nervous patients

But what if you are a nervous patient? Don’t worry!

We offer a non-judgmental approach to dental care and, should the need arise in case of extreme anxiety, we can offer you sedation options to help you relax in the chair while we get your teeth in top shape. We will also work with you to help you overcome your phobia. Great stuff!