Dentist in Ivybridge

Looking for a new dentist to join?

5 reasons to join Archway Dental Surgery today!

When you are looking for a new dental surgery for yourself and your family, you may be a bit spoilt for choice.

The average dental surgery is now able to offer far more to its patients than a simple check-up or filling, with the majority now able to provide everything from dental implants to non-surgical facial aesthetics like dermal fillers. So, how do you choose which dental team to join?

We are proud of the range of treatments that we at Archway Dental Surgery in Callington can offer patients looking for a dentist in Ivybridge. Whatever your age or needs, we will oversee your care with confidence and competence, to help you reach both your and your family’s desired aesthetic or functional goal with teeth. Perfect!

So, what are some of the treatments that Archway Dental Surgery in Callington can offer patients looking for a dentist in Ivybridge? Read on to find out!

General and preventive

When looking for a dentist in Ivybridge, rest assured that Archway Dental Surgery nearby in Callington is always on hand to provide our patients with top-notch general and preventive dental care because no dental team can function without the basics!

This involves everything from check-ups to cancer screening, while also offering you and your family other treatments such as fluoride sealants and root canals. We also offer emergency dental care, should you need a same-day appointment.


There are many types of restorative treatment in dental care, some are to restore the function of the tooth or teeth, while others help to restore the aesthetic side of your smile.

And at Archway Dental, we can offer you both!

Whether you need white fillings or crowns following an accident or decay, or you are looking to restore some missing teeth with dental implants, we will be happy to assess your needs and provide a suitable solution.


Who hasn’t heard of this remarkable aligner?

Made from clear plastic, it is custom-fitted to your smile and realigns your teeth without the need for metal wires and brackets. And at Archway Dental, we have extensive knowledge and experience of this aligner and will be all too happy to help you get the smile you deserve with it!

Nervous patients

We know that not everyone loves attending dental check-ups.

And so, we are always happy to help with dental patients who are nervous or phobic. We can offer a compassionate and understanding atmosphere to help you manage your treatments without fear of judgement. And should you need something else to help you cope, we can also offer you sedatives if needed. Just ask!

Facial aesthetics

Yes, at Archway Dental Surgery, we are able to offer non-surgical facial aesthetics!

These involve the ever-popular dermal fillers and botulinum toxin A (or Botox), which will help to revitalise your appearance and boost your self-esteem. Our team is trained in the anatomy of the human face and will ensure that any injected facial aesthetic will look natural and subtle, highlighting and enhancing your natural looks and offering a long-term solution to fine lines and wrinkles.

Whatever your needs are, contact our team at Archway Dental today!